Measuring Urban Quality and Change Through the Detection of Physical Attributes of Decay (with Yong Suk Lee)

We use object detection on Google Street View imagery to measure urban decay and urban change at the street level in locations including San Francisco, Mexico City and South Bend. See profile on Stanford HAI’s blog here.

Access to Public Goods within and across Local Governments: Machine-Learning Road Quality with Google Street View (with David Schönholzer)

Presented by David at ASSA 2023

La Canícula: Effect of Climate Variability on Homicides in the Central American Dry Corridor (with Miki Verma and Ben Zehr)

We explore the effect of La Canícula, the dry season in the Central American Dry Corridor that runs from July to August, on the municipal homicide rates in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Part of the homicide data used for this project was kindly provided by Carlos Mendoza and researchers at Diálogos.